Hassan Pierre


Maison de Mode

Ladders for Leaders Employer

This will be Maison de Mode’s second year participating in Ladders for Leaders. Co-Founder Hassan Pierre describes the value his company realizes from the program, “Being that we are a start-up, interns are as crucial to us as our paid employees. The Ladders interns were highly skilled, organized and engaged. We are a small team and they managed to help us keep things running efficiently.”

The CYE team sat down with Hassan Pierre from Maison de Mode to hear more about his experience with Ladders. Here is an excerpt from that conversation:

How were you introduced to the Ladders for Leaders program?

We were first introduced to the program by the CFDA whom we had partnered with on their Lexus/ CFDA+ Ethical Fashion Initiative. Being that we are a start-up, interns are as crucial to us as our paid employees. They idea of having vetted candidates made the program sound more appealing than the traditional intern approach. This will be our second year participating in the program.

How is this internship program different than other internship programs your company has participated?

The vetting process is different and much appreciated. I love that there are people we trust who are saying, “Ok – these candidates are strong.” It makes the process so much easier.

Can you share a memorable story about one of your interns?

One of our interns reached out to us ahead of her expected start date because she was so excited and wanted to start a month earlier. That type of excitement and dedication is rare and when you see that in an intern, it’s really refreshing.

Are there any workforce development goals that you have as a startup?

Diversity is on the top of our list. We live in a global world and cater to a global customer. Ideally, if my team is as diverse as the world, we will have a much better understanding of our customer’s needs and ways to successfully cater to those needs.

 What were the job responsibilities of your interns?

They managed everything from back end uploading, image editing, and tasks associated with market appointments.