Dawn Dickstein

Founder & President

MD2 Property Group

Ladders for Leaders Employer

Entering their second year in the Ladders for Leaders program, MD2 Property Group’s Founder and President Dawn Dickstein describes how her company has benefitted from the partnership,

There is no downside to the program. Ladders helped source a list of strong candidates, we hired one, and she is still working for us today. Ladders kind of fell in our lap and the program coordinators make it really easy.”

The CYE team sat down with Dawn Dickstein from MD2 Property Group to hear more about her experience with Ladders. Here is an excerpt from that conversation:

How did you first hear about the Ladders program?

I am on the Residential Management Council of REBNY. One of the people at REBNY announced that they have a partnership with the Ladders program and the city could help us identify talent at a low cost. We are a startup company and that sort of support is really valuable.

What was the process like for you?

We were connected to the Central Queens YMCA who sent us two or three resumes they thought would be a good fit. One of the women we interviewed was still in High School. We set up a phone interview and it was kind of hard to tell because she was very quiet. We gave her a project to assess her abilities and ultimately decided to bring her in for the summer. It ended up going really well… because she is still here today. Currently, Winnie Chan works for us part-time while she attends college at John Jay.

What are some of Winnie’s job responsibilities?

Whenever we take on a building we try to make it as paperless as possible. Winnie helps manage that process, which includes scanning, creating folders and filing. In addition, she is majoring in forensic accounting so she does some of the accounting for our team. Winnie’s responsibilities have expanded as time has gone by and today she also helps implement various software packages that we use in the management of our properties. She really helps out wherever we need her. Winnie is a real asset to our team.

Would you recommend the Ladders program to other companies?

Of course. There is no downside. The Ladders program provided a much-needed headcount at a very reasonable cost. And best of all, Winnie ended up being great and today she is a real resource.