Every year in New York City, thousands of young adults take important steps toward career success through internship experiences with businesses of all sizes in a wide range of industries. For interns, these opportunities help them add skills, make professional contacts, explore potential career options and better understand the world of work. Employers benefit as well, most immediately by adding low-cost temporary capacity, but also by virtue of interns’ creativity, energy, and comfort with technology. Over the longer term, companies that host interns can leverage the experience to bring in rising talent, diversify their workforce and effectively engage new markets.

Unfortunately not every internship match is a success. All too often, companies struggle to recruit, utilize, manage and evaluate the young talent in their midst. For this reason, the NYC Center for Youth Employment reached out to dozens of companies in New York City and beyond that have created highly effective internship models. Through intensive conversations, we came to understand their practices for recruitment, project planning, support and troubleshooting—every step along the way to a high quality internship experience. The Employer Best Practices Playbook captures these tools and strategies, including anecdotes and tools for companies’ use.



The solutions offered in the Center for Youth Employment’s Employer Playbook were informed by local New York City employers that have developed effective strategies to utilize young talent within their organizations. Click on the links below to download the complete Employer Playbook as well as the sample tools and templates.

The Center for Youth Employment will be engaging industry groups and individual firms on an ongoing basis to help them implement the Playbook’s recommendations. Employers interested in learning more about this effort should contact us.