CareerLift provides comprehensive supports to newly hired young adult employees to encourage retention and advancement using “Navigators”—team members from the provider organizations—who are stationed on-site with participating employers. Navigators can help these workers address challenges both within and beyond the workplace, from tension with supervisors to accessing affordable housing or child care, enrolling in public benefits to supplement income, or financial empowerment to help employees manage their money and plan for their financial future. Navigators also support participating employers by reducing their costs related to turnover and new recruitment.

In addition to demonstrating the value in helping young adult workers gain traction in the labor market, the initiative will evaluate the feasibility of a first-of-its-kind Pay for Success (PFS) financing model that would feature employers as payors for retention services for their employees. In this model, if the intervention succeeds in helping participants achieve targeted retention outcomes, the employer repays investors with a modest financial return; if the program falls short of its goals, the employer owes nothing. This project would be the first in the country to explore employers as PFS payors.

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