The NYC Center for Youth Employment believes that every New Yorker will benefit from supporting our rising youth workforce.

But you don’t have to take our word for it—the employers and young people who have participated in our city’s youth employment programs can tell you themselves.

Bill Rudin

Chairman of ABNY & Vice Chair and CEO of Rudin Management Company

Ladders for Leaders Partner & Employer

Last year, Rudin Management Company placed eight interns, both at their company and with a number of their nonprofit grantees. “The key thing for people to understand is that internship is not a one-way street,” Rudin explains. “We are teaching these kids and offering exposure to the world of work, whether it be at a for-profit or non-profit. But, we can also learn from them and the way they view the world. These young adults are the next generation of workforce, with computer skills, social media skills, and a life perspective that is different than ours. If employers are looking at it as purely philanthropic, they are missing an opportunity.”

Ladders for Leaders and NYC & Company

Partnering to build a talented, motivated tourism and hospitality workforce

“New York City’s tourism and hospitality industry is one of the strongest industries in the city, and we want as many New Yorkers to be prepared to benefit from it as possible,” said Fred Dixon, President and CEO, NYC & Company. “Partnerships between forward-thinking companies and programs like Ladders for Leaders will help our destination remain competitive and give talented youth a start in building an exciting, satisfying career.”

Aileen Gemma Smith



Ladders for Leaders Employer

Vizalytics joined Ladders for Leaders because we are proud believers in the New York City public school system. It is important to us to hire people who don’t necessarily come from a background of privilege. We’re looking for different perspectives, challengers to assumptions, and an eye for real-world applications. Ladders interns bring empathy and heightened curiosity that you don’t find with every intern.

Lisa Steglich

1st Vice President, Director of Community Development

Amalgamated Bank

Ladders for Leaders Employer

When the NYC Center for Youth Employment was created in May 2015, Amalgamated Bank was happy to be among the first organizations to step up to the plate and offer to employ more than 20 interns. We hired 21 interns in 2015 and 24 in 2016 through Ladders for Leaders. At Amalgamated, we do our best to attract smart and passionate individuals who look to use finance and banking to make the world a better place. Through Ladders for Leaders, we have been able to offer summer internships to top-tier candidates who might not otherwise have had an opportunity to get real world banking experience.

Ladders for Leaders and Best for NYC

Two programs dedicated to supporting the NYC Workforce

What do Vizalytics, a five-year-old tech startup, and Amalgamated Bank, a 93-year-old majority union-owned bank, have in common?

They are two of many NYC employers taking advantage of Ladders for Leaders and Best for NYC, two NYC programs dedicated to supporting the NYC workforce.

Caroline Gleser

Vice President

BD Hotels

Ladders for Leaders Employer

BD Hotels has participated in Ladders for Leaders for the past three years, with the same hotels hosting interns each year. As Caroline Gleser explains, “If the interns weren’t pulling their weight, we wouldn’t keep bringing them back.”

Kseniya Kosmina

Kseniya Kosmina

Shark Branding

Ladders for Leaders 2015 intern

I am very grateful for an opportunity to explore my options, intern, and develop as a professional because no other program provides all those opportunities. I wish and hope for more youth to learn and apply to the Summer Youth Employment Program and Ladders for Leaders because these programs leave a lasting impact and change lives.

Tim Armstrong

Tim Armstrong

Chief Executive Officer


Ladders for Leaders 2015 intern host

New York City is one of the best talent centers in the world, and the Ladders for Leaders interns we hosted this summer were a real asset to the teams at AOL. The program we designed with the City greatly added not just to the culture and energy of the office, but to the day-today business and long-term strategy for the company. Talent is the most important asset in our business, and access to a diverse set of talent is what our partnership with the Center for Youth Employment delivered—and we hope to grow the partnership in the years to come.

Anastasia Tonello

Anastasia Tonello

Managing Partner

Laura Devine Attorneys

Ladders for Leaders host since 2007

When we are looking to recruit for any position at our firm, Laura Devine Attorneys, we look to Ladders for Leaders and have hired two of our full time staff from the alumni network. We hire former Ladders interns with confidence in their ability and work ethic informed by the six weeks they spent with the program. In that respect, Ladders effectively serves as an in-depth interview process.

Arpit Khemkha

Arpit Khemkha

Chief Technology Officer

SimpleTherapy, Inc.

Ladders for Leaders 2015 intern host

Taking part in Ladders for Leaders created a mentorship environment here at SimpleTherapy. The program provided our team with an opportunity to learn more about teaching youth about our platform and our industry firsthand. Hosting an intern eager to ask questions and contribute ideas also infused our team with a new energy. It was invigorating to share our passion for this work with a young person.