Prepare Your Team

  • What organizational/company information your intern will find most useful during the internship
  • Which team members your intern will interact with during the internship
  • What work space, tech support and supplies your intern will need

Setting the right tone at the beginning of a work experience can make a big difference. Most employers and/or nonprofit partners provide orientation and training to new hires as part of their onboarding process. This includes informing interns about the mission, history, values and culture of the company. They also share information with interns about career pathways, opportunities within the organization, and the industry. For example, during orientation at Y&R, interns are provided an overview of the agency, its history and a glossary of terms. A typical orientation process might include formally introducing the intern to staff, either in a meeting or as the supervisor takes the new worker on a tour of the facilities. Swiss Post Solutions, a nationally recognized internship trainer, distributes an internship handbook that includes a short organizational history, staff directory, policy and procedures for the company, helpful tips for new interns and more. Swiss Post also pairs each new intern with a mentor who serves as counselor, guide and coach as the intern’s training continues.


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